The Spring Gallery
Welcome to the Spring Gallery!

Kathrine Allen-Coleman and R. Scott Coleman are sort of an artistic "Odd Couple." Kathrine, a mixed media artist from Victoria, B.C., Canada, met Scott, a watercolor painter from Jackson, Georgia, at a watercolor workshop in the South of France. In fact, Scott was the instructor, just one of those chance meetings that changes everything.

Within a couple of years Kathrine had all of her worldly possesions loaded up in a Uhaul truck with really bad brakes. Kathrine, Scott, and one really hacked off cat were making their first cross country journey together.

There was a lovely little wedding.

Then things started getting busy. They started travelling together to local art festivals, showing their works. Then the shows started to get bigger, and better, and further away. Now you can find them at national outdoor events from Miami, FL to Ft. Worth, TX, even Ann Arbor, MI.

Explore the website, you'll find links to blogs, shows, and available work. Enjoy! And tell a friend!

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